Goat – World Music


If you blur your eyes it’s a 3D picture of Jeff Martin crying.

The style tags attributed to Goat’s album World Music are as follows: Krautrock, Tribal, Nordic, Prog Rock. This is shocking to me. It is not shocking because I find these styles of music shocking, nor is it shocking because these stylistic combinations are so original and mind-blowing I don’t know how to process them. It is shocking because the reason I own this album is because my wife heard it in a store and liked it enough that she asked what it was and bought it as an additional Christmas present for me. My wife is a very intelligent person. (And a very hot person). My wife is not an artistically adventurous person. She likes Neil Young and Taylor Swift and other music that Neil Young and Taylor Swift exemplify. She likes rom-coms and superhero movies. And if she’s going to watch a movie that falls in any way outside of those two pigeon-holes, it’s because she read an essay about it online. I am shocked because at some point my wife stood in a record store, heard this noisy, jammy, riffing on the harmonic minor scale over a repetitive rhythm section and imagined us both—happily cooking, doing dishes, playing cribbage—smiling ear to ear, living out our domestic bliss, bonding over our mutual love of this record.

While I was writing the above paragraph my wife came into the room. I asked her what she thought of the music playing. “Hate it,” her response came. “Too noisy. Is it Sonic Youth?” Then, as guitar feedback gave way temporarily to a quietly strummed acoustic guitar, “I like this part.”

This Goat, the Goat that made the album World Music that I am presently listening to, is the 22nd band named Goat to be entered into the Discogs database. I’m just gonna go ahead and assume the other 21 are a diverse mix of black metal, grindcore and electronic noise bands. This Goat, the 22nd Goat, is not. This Goat sounds like the rhythm section of a jammy Krautrock band got together with the guitarist from Dirty Three and “Set Your Controls for The Heart of the Sun”-era Rick Wright and they all listened to a volume of Ethiopiques before recording. Or like if Wolfmother didn’t care about getting famous. Take your pick.


Favourite Song: Run to Your Mama

I had a tie/runner-up option for favourite song, but the title has umlauts and I’d rather have one favourite song than look up how to make umlauts with my keyboard.


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