A Library For One


The irony in this blog’s name is that nobody who has ever contributed to Discogs has ever gotten laid. I have gotten laid, but not since I started contributing to Discogs. I like to think maybe it’s the baby and not the Discogs, but let’s be real here.

So here’s the idea. I am a lifelong music lover with a rather large collection of vinyl records. I’m also a husband and father, who hasn’t been able to engage with music as closely as I might like lately. (Except “Uptown Girl.” My daughter loves “Uptown Girl”). Recently, I completed a year-plus-long project to catalogue my collection on Discogs. Utilizing the Random Item button on my collection page to decide each entry, I plan to write about the records I own. That’s really my only rule, that the records I write about are chosen at random by Discogs. I may write about the music, my associations with the record, or it may even be a first impression if it’s my wife’s record or one I haven’t heard much or in many years. Or any combination of the above.

Can you identify any of these from the spine?

As of this writing I have 1,661 records in my collection (there’s more in CD and MP3 form, but they are not included in this project, at least for now…which means a lot of my experimental and compositional music will not be represented here, which is probably best for me, you, and everyone we know). These break down loosely as:

Pop/Rock – 733

Hip Hop – 258

R&B/Soul – 250

Jazz – 183

Folk/Blues/Country – 96

Classical – 71

Soundtracks – 20

Reggae – 14

Christmas – 11

Children’s – 10

Comedy/Spoken Word – 9

Novelty – 6

These are the genres as I have them broken down on my shelf. I first broke my collection out by genre six or seven years ago. If you ever wanted confirmation (or realization) that musical genres are used to segregate music along racial lines, try putting your music collection into genres. It quickly becomes obvious that what you have on your shelf is a “white music” area and a “black music” area. And then you feel uncomfortable that you’ve categorized your collection, but how else are you supposed to quickly browse all your hip hop records, cuz that’s all you ever wanted in the first place?

I do not promise that if a classical or spoken word record comes up I won’t just hit the button again, but I do promise that I’ll stay honest on writing about whatever record is chosen for me from within the genres I consider in scope. Hell, I’ll choose the first one right now. Hold on a second…It’s the self-titled first B52’s album! Couldn’t be something I’ve heard more than twice or in the last 20 years? Perfect.

(h/t to my buddy Jason, who shares my affliction for buying too many records, for the post title).


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